Energized Shri Sampoorna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra

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Sampoorna means complete. Sarva means all. Kastha means difficulties and pain. Nivaran means removal. Sampoorna Kasht Nivaran Yantra is to remove all obstacles and bestow you with success and prosperity. It can prove helpful in removing all pains and problems from ones life. This yantra can also prove helpful by helping a person getting rid of debts and pressures.

Energized Shri Sampoorna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra - The Most Powerful Yantra Combination

--- The Yantra is Energized by Energy Healer and Reki Master.

Length : 26cm
Width : 2cm
Height : 26cm

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A yantra combination so powerful that it fulfills all your desires. A combination of 13 powerful yantras :

1. Shri Sampoorna Mahalakshami Mahayantram (centre)
2. Shri Yantram
3. Shri Sampoorna Navgrah Yantram
4. Shri Vyapar Vriddhi Yantram
5. Shri Kanakdhara Yantra
6. Shri Ganpati Yantram
7. Shri Mahamrityunjay Yantram
8. Vashikaran Yantra
9. Shri Sukh Samridhi Yantram
10. Vahan durghatna Nashak Yantra
11. Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Shri Sudarshan Yantra
12. Sarva Karya Sidhi Yantra
13. Kalsarp (Nagpash) Yantra

Placement of the Yantra: It can be placed in the temple at home/workplace in north – east direction facing west. This yantra should be placed in the centre of all the yantras when placing two or more yantras together.