Energized Shri Sampoorn Navgrah Yantra

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This Yantra is made for appeasing all the nine planets. Its worship helps in all directions and every sphere of life. All the Yantra of 9 planets are incorporated in it. The following Mantra should be recited for Navgrah Yantra.

--- The Yantra is Energized by Energy Healer and Reki Master.

Length : 26cm
Width : 2cm
Height : 26cm

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The list of yantras in this Mahayantra is as following:-
1. Shri Budh Yantram
2. Shri Shukra Yantram
3. Shri Chandra Yantram
4. Shri Brihaspati Yantram
5. Shri Surya Yantram
6. Shri Mangal Yantram
7. Shri Shani Yantram
8. Shri Rahu Yantram
9. Shri Ketu Yantram

By worshipping 'Sampoorn Shree yantra' by proper method, one can remove stress, anxiety and other obstacles in life. It blesses the worshipper with fame, power, authority, financial gain professional success, peace and harmony.

Method to Use: Clean the yantra with holy water and fix it on the North - East direction of the house. It can also be kept at shop and Business places. The following mantra should be recited for Sampoorn Shree Yantra.

Beej Mantra for this Yantra :-

"Om Suryae Namah, Chandrae Namah, Budhae Namah,
Brahaspatiae Namah, Mangale Namah, Shukrae Namah,
Sani Ae Namah, Rahu Ae Namah, Ketu Ae Namah, Navgarahe Namah"